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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  September 12, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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within three degrees of our number, 65. no big changes there. the numbers should warm us up into the lower 70s. clouds will linger. but that's fine. we can play baseball with clouds. >> sure. easily. thanks, kim. we'll see you in a bit. after canceling the release of one of the detained american hikers on saturday, a senior iranian prosecutor says the country will release one of them today. iran will release sarah shourd because of health problems. more than a year after she was jailed with two of her friends and accused of spying. shourd was to be released yesterday but it was canceled due to paperwork problems. the other two will remain in custody. we are following a
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developing story out of baltimore. police issued an alert or an escaped inmate who could be in the washington area. paul palmer faked a medical emergency while being taken to jail. he is charged with attempted murder in a stabbing last month. he could be traveling with a woman in a silver kia spectra. 2008. with a maryland tag number 1 ewb 10. if you know anything about this case you're urged to call 911. a man is dead after being shot in southeast washington. police called to the scene along the 2400 block of hartford place around 1:00. police have not released a description of the shooter or identified the victim. americans are taking time-out this weekend to remember the tragic events of 9/11. new york honored lives lost with an annual light tribute. top of the sky scraper was lit
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in red, white, and blue. president obama attended a 9/11 event at the pentagon. nine years ago, a hijack plane smacked into the west side killing 184 people. yesterday he laid a wreath at the pentagon memorial site. the president asked did americans honor the event by holding up values of diversity and tolerance. in shanksville, pennsylvania, first lady michelle owe bam and former first lady laura bush paid tribute to united flight 93. tribute and light, twin beams lighting up the new york skyline and symbolizing where the twin towers once stood. several local ceremonies honored lives lost nine years ago. as the years past, demonstrators want others to remember.
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never forget what happened on that tragic day. craig melvin takes a look now at the various events. >> we need to remind everybody that we have not forgotten what happened on 9/11. >> and so the veteran, his son, who is about to join the army, and a small group of friends wave flags and remember at an intersection in germantown. they did it every year since 2001. >> it's fantastic. it gives you a good feeling inside. we give you a lot of responses from everybody from fire engines to police officers to everyday people that are happy there's some kind of symbol and remembrance. >> in montgomery county, this firestation will be a lasting symbol. >> we always put life safety first. so putting your life in harm's way is always the thing that
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comes to mind on this day. >> roses and a plaque were not enough to commemorate the 11 people from montgomery county who mild. in rockville, they also remembered through prayer. >> it's something that's happening to this nation and we need to pray. we need to lift up the leaders of this nation and the people of this nation. >> many in our area who never forget where they were that day remembered in so many different ways. joseph ditmar remembers daily. >> the building that i was in, knowing that i was only two or three stories below where that plane went into the building. i'm always thoroughly amazed by the fact that i'm even here. thankful, joyful. >> craig melvin, news 4 today. after weeks of attention and controversy, the day when a florida pastor was supposed to
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burn hundreds of qarans turned out to be relatively uneventful out to be relatively uneventful. the protests remained peaceful. in an exclusive interview on the "today" show yesterday, the pastor of the church, terry jones, said he would never again consider burning the muslim holy book. >> not today, not ever. we're not going to go back and do it. it is totally canceled. we were obedient. we feel that god is telling us to stop. >> jones did travel up to new york in an effort to meet with the aman planning to build a mosque at ground zero. it is unclear if he was ever able to arrange that meeting. ronald walters, a long-time political analyst died. he passed away at the age of 72.
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he had been suffering from cancer. in 1984 he served as deputy campaign manager for jesse jackson's presidential bid. drivers, watch out for construction in northeast washington. new york and florida avenue intersection is getting a $3 million face lift. crews activated new traffic signals there friday night. tomorrow night workers will pave the roadway. when it's all finished, drivers will have access to o street. the entire project should wrap up by the end of the week. when we come back on news 4 today this sunday morning, tragedy in kentucky as a man kills his entire family before turning the gun on himself. you won't believe what relatives say triggered his killing spree. shou and a stunner in college football. one team finds itself on the losing end of a major upset. we'r
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now the day thousands of redskins fans have waited for. it's time to tailgate almost before the kick kickoff. we send derrick ward to fedex field. this morning, derrick, a lot of preparation went in to get ready for the fans this time of the year. >> oh, indeed, it did. a lot of preparation all over the place. fedex field is shrouded right now. it will be lit with excitement as the redskins kick off against the arch rivals dallas cowboys. there are some definite signs of improvement off the field, especially around the stadium. now the gates will actually open at noon. that's a full eight hours, a whole workday before the actual kickoff. they will not be disappointed or
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languishing. there will be five jumbo trons posted around the parking lot. that will display other nfl action of the day. maybe you want to bring your own in case one of the games you want to see ends up being shown. other improvements are hd video board. replayed and player stats. that will keep you posted as you go out to one of the concession booths or what have you. of course if you can't make it to the game, you can also watch it on news 4. our coverage begins at 8:15 this evening. so that's not way to stay dry. of course this is football weather. especially when you play the dallas cowboys. also, if you get here before 2:00, you will be treated to a parade. it will feature the redskins teenagers and former dexter manley. i can't imagine a way to kick off the season. regular season is a game against
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dallas at home. of course the traffic issues are always something that you have to deal with when coming to the game. if not, you're just traveling through the area. redskins officials and metro suggest you take metro. it uses shuttles that are running. this is a late game. metro says it will be open to get all the passengers out of here. all the fans will be able to get home tonight. we're live in landover. now back to you. >> the show before the show. derrick, thanks. as president obama's approval ratings stop, so do sales of merchandise featuring them. souvenir vendors tell us sales have definitely fallen off since they have called obama mania between the 2008 election and the inauguration. people are now flock toward anti-obama shirts with slogans like you can keep the change and don't tread on me. obama's falling approval ratings
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are nothing new. presidents usually see lower numbers halfway through their first term. authorities near san bruno, california say four people are missing after thursday's powerful gas line explosion. a pipe ruptured in the san francisco suburb leveling 40 homes. five people died. firefighters combed through what's left of one home to look for victims. ntsb began its investigation. the explosion created a crater half the size of a football field. >> the pipeline was built before the residential area. it increases the need to look whether there should be automatic -- >> authorities say people who live in 270 evacuated homes near the explosion can begin
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returning today. >> a kentucky man killed five people, then himself apparently over how his wife cooked breakfast. family members of two of the victims say 47-year-old stanley niece was screaming at his wife about how she cooked his eggs when he suddenly began shooting. authorities say when they arrived at his home in jackson, kentucky they found niece dead on the porch with self-inflicted gunshot wounds. we want to move on to the weather now. and something we have been hoping for for a long time because it is crunchy, dry, brown inside. >> we have some rain. it has come through. the big question, are we going to clear for all the games. i have that answer at 9:14. we'll be back on the other side of this break. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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well, we got it overnight, early in the morning. the best way to do it. but we needed it. >> we're talking about rain. now it's tapered to a little bit of mist. as we saw landover at fedex field. tailgaters, it will probably be damp when you go. showers are pretty much coming to an end. let's get moving this morning. it is sunday morning. a little different than we have seen. it's not bright, sunny and dry. cloudy and damp. the temperature is 65 degrees. here's the radar. we don't have too much going on. just a stray shower around mt. airy straddling 70 and up towards high ridge. a few more east of gaithersburg. we just have some clouds and mist in the wake. mostly cloudy morning with showers ending. and then it looks like our redskins game will be dry, along with the nationals. and our dry start to the
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workweek will help us along. here are the numbers. hagerstown, 62. that's one of the cooler locations. 65 inside the beltway. quantity coright now at 64. today in the upper 60s by noon with clouds widespread around 73 for the high at 3:00. first pitch at 1:35. nationals ballpark. 71 is your forecast. keeping an eye on the atlantic basin. igor is his name. 75 miles per hour. now they have moved up to 85 miles per hour. 1200 miles east of the northern ee ward islands. it will be taking a path like this. maybe by thursday this week we'll be edging closer to the u.s. probably as a major hurricane. we'll have to see what develops. if we have a ridge that
9:20 am
develops, that would bring it this way. the bulk of the rain pushing east. here's the series of fronts marching through the area. and you can see how the cloud cover stays on top. by tomorrow, we'll be getting that sunshine back in. and one more front slips through on tuesday. that will be coming to the area dry. we're not going to even notice it other than a wind change on tuesday. here's your detailed forecast. we're looking good if you don't mind it cloudy. drying out this afternoon. if we have a shower, most places off to the east will see it. 71 to maybe 76. now this evening we'll start to slowly clear out. temperatures back into the middle 60s by the end of the redskins game. and then tomorrow morning, patchy fog. otherwise, a beautiful start. 57 to 61. we have monday, tuesday, and wednesday rain free. temperatures pretty comfortable with highs in the low 80s. lows in the 60s.
9:21 am
wednesday will be a little cooler but not too bad. by friday, that will be our next chance to have a few showers around. saturdays looking good. mostly sunny. in the 70s. for you folks going to tailgate starting at noon for eight hours, enjoy. and take it easy. >> yeah. very easy. kim, thanks so much. still to come on news 4 today, virginia tech fans are probably more than just a bit down this morning. hokies lost another game this weekend. this was a lost no one saw coming. hakim dermish has the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everyone. james madison head coach matthews said this week, it's kind of comical to think you're going to go down there and beat them. yesterday matthews and the dukes
9:22 am
went to blacksburg and beat 13-ranked virginia tech. they got paid for it, too. the hokies reportedly paid james madison $400,000. now, if you're not familiar, it's a common practice for the larger school to pay the smaller school for travel expenses. what's not common, when the small schools beats up on the big school. and pay attention to this, kids. first quarter, hokies on offense. rain coming down. no problem for tie rod taylor. taylor is smooth. finds boykin for a nine yard touchdown. virginia tech takes a 7-0 lead. looking good early on for the hokies. second quarter, here comes matthews and the dukes. out to sullivan. he makes something happen here. avoids tackles. breaks tackles. down the sidelines. goes 77 yards for the touchdown. madison down three. remember, folks, jmu is not a cupcake. drew fakes the handoff. scoops 12 yards for the score. two tds. james madison up, 21-16. hokies head coach thinking, what's going on here? just five minutes to play.
9:23 am
virginia tech in the red zone. handoff to darren evans. he gets hit hard. fumbles. and the dukes recover. wouldn't you know it. and folks in virginia feeling good about that one. james madison upsets virginia tech, 21-16, the final. all right. let's go to college park, maryland. taking on morgan state for the first home opener. first quarter maryland up 7-0. quick out to cannon. cannon does the rest. he's in for a 19 yard score. terps take a 14-0 lead. more where that came from. second quarter, defense gets on the score. check out demetrius hartsfield. easy pick six. maryland up, 24-0. the route, oh, yeah, that's
9:24 am
gone. later in the second now. freshman, backup quarterback danny o'brien in the game. o'brien solid here. steps up in the pocket like a veteran. throws a perfect pass to smith. wow. o'brien throws for three touchdowns in the first half. terps crush morgan state, 62-3. let's go to annapolis. navy trying to rebound from the maryland loss last week hosting georgia southern. second quarter. georgia southern in white. they try to run a fake punt. not so much. well short of the first down marker. midshipman down to the 40 yard line. they are in business. so then on second and five. from the 21. dobbs throws to santiago. nice catch. dobbs attempted eight passes in the game. three plays later, dobbs doing what he does best. plunges in from one yard out.
9:25 am
that was enough. navy defeats georgia southern. 13-7 is the final. redskins defensive tackle albert haynesworth will play in the season opener against the cowboys according to espn. he could also start the game depending how the dallas cowboys open up on offense. nonetheless, it's go time for the redskins. they've lost three straight to the cowboys. tonight, the 101st meeting, and you can watch the game right here on nbc 4. for now, here's linebacker brian on facing dallas in primetime. >> it's good to start it off with a bang. week one they're going to show if they bring it. we going to have to match the intensity, if not greater. we're in our home field. we have to take advantage of that. we played well the first game last year, but we came up short. it's a new red skin era. new team, new regime. we got to show them what we all about. i know they're going to bring it
9:26 am
as well. fans, stay tuned. >> all right. stay tuned. elsewhere in the nfl, former maryland terp and 49 er davis is the highest paid tight end in history. signing a five-yr extension yesterday worth $37 million, $23 million guaranteed. talking baseball now. nationals taking on the marlins yesterday afternoon. top five is where we pick it up. nationals trail 2-0. jason marquis facing logan morrison. two on, two out. hits one to second. check out danny espinosa. diving stab. gets up, throws to first. and he got him. that ends the inning. an impressive play by danny espinosa. top six now. more defense. ground ball to third. in between for zimmerman. stays with it. gets the out at first. check out adam dunn. back to zimmerman. ramirez, double play. the nats's bats never got going. marlins beat the nationals, 4-1. that's your morning sports. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. when we come back, we have
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breaking news out of iran this morning. an american hiker held for more than a year may soon be free. we'll tell you when. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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good morning and welcome back to news 4 today. i'm jim hanley. sunday, september 12th. well, the news is just ahead. first, a quick peek at our forecast. meteorologist kim martucci joins us. we have clouds, mist. we can handle that. the rain is starting to inch out. >> yeah. it's out over the beaches. beachcomber is a little wet this morning. we have damp conditions. steady rain is over. it's a pretty nice morning. if you don't mind a little change of pace, 94 prs is the humidity. waking up to 64. as for the rain drops, they are few and far between between mt.
9:31 am
airy, the high ridge, aspen hill. other than that, we are in good shape. we'll take a stab at low 70s. don't look for much in the way of sun. it will remain cloudy into the afternoon. sne showers we have, jim, should be off to the east. so that bodes well for the nationals at 1:35. of course the redskins this evening. >> all right. let's go. go teams! thanks, kim. well, get ready to go hog wild tonight. redskins preparing to take on the cowboys in the season opener tonight at 8:15. when fans arrive at the stadium, it's not just a new team they will be seeing. there is no technology all over fedex field to help navigate. darcy spencer shows us how the skins are upgrading the fan experience.
9:32 am
>> reporter: tailgating redskins fans who arrive early will get to watch other nfl games on five huge jumbo trons staged in the parking lot. they will be tuned to the red zone channel so fans won't miss any of the games of the day. >> expect to see five gigantic video boards. it's going to have nfl red zone. you can keep up with all the exciting games while you're enjoying the tailgating experience. >> reporter: gates at fedex field will open at noon on sunday, more than eight hours before the skins's take on dallas in what promises to be a spectacular season opener against their arch rivals. fans who get here at 2:00 will see a parade right here in the parking lot. it will feature the redskins cheerleaders and bands. it will all be led by dexter manley. redskins officials say the added measures are meant to create a more fan friendly experience at fedex field. once inside the stadium, these new hd video boards will help
9:33 am
keep track of the action and player stats. >> a lot of stadium upgrades are good. if we continue not to win and translate that into a successful campaign, it's all for naught. we just want another championship here. d.c. needs a super bowl. >> reporter: the other benefit is beating the crowds. police are urging fans to avoid traditional routes that get bogged down in game day traffic. >> i believe that's what they're anticipating. darcy spencer, news 4. speaking of crowds, to help fans get home, metro will be staying open late tonight. the system will close at 1:00 a.m. metro is also putting more trains in service this evening to help handle the huge crowds. if you can't make it out to the game tonight, you can catch all the big action between the skins and cowboys right here on nbc 4. coverage begins 8:15.
9:34 am
after canceling the release of one of the detained american hikers on saturday, a senior iranian prosecutor says the country will release one of them today. iran will release sarah shourd. she is being released on a $500,000 bail, while the other two hikers will remain in custody. yesterday marked nine years since the september 11th attacks on america. michelle franzen takes a look at ceremonies to help remember those on a tragic day. >> reporter: on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, families and survivors gathered as they have every year in new york, virginia, and
9:35 am
pennsylvania. near ground zero, family members read each name of loved ones lost. and at times the public ceremony included personal and emotional tribute. >> my life has not been the same. >> reporter: family members, firefighters, and first responders also walked into the ground zero construction site laying flowers in the reflecting pool. at the pentagon, president obama alluded to the recent koran burnings. recapture the unity and duty that followed in the weeks and months after the attacks. >> the highest honor we can pay those we lost, indeed, our greatest weapon in this ongoing war, is to do what our adversaries fear the most, to stay true to who we are as americans. to renew our sense of common
9:36 am
purpose, to say that we define the character of our country. >> reporter: in shanksville, pennsylvania, first lady michelle owe bam and former first lady laura bush paid tribute to united flight 93. tribute and light, twin beams lighting up the new york skyline and symbolizing where the twin towers once stood. ceremonies and memorials that serve as survivors. the nation is still mourning and healing from the losses of that day. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. a number of local ceremonies honored lives lost every year since september 11, 2001. this small group waves flags in germantown, maryland. this year, one veteran's son is about to join the army. flags hanging from the top.
9:37 am
in montgomery county, maryland, a special ceremony dedicated a new firestation for first responders. rockville, one group helped commemorate the day through prayer. ♪
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>> hi, cody. >> how are you doing? >> great. i hear you like cooking. >> yes, ma'am. >> we have a treat for you today. you're going to get to cook for
9:41 am
some of the most important chefs. the managers were waiting. inside chef william rogers and executive pastry chef dallas. they invited us to follow them back to the kitchen where they had an official chef jacket, apron and the all important job for cody. social worker kelly lynn says cody has talked about becoming a chef. he was excited to have a chance to cook today with real professionals. she says also after eight years in foster care cody, at 15, is anxious to find a peril adoptive home. >> he want ace family to have some stability because he always moves. >> two times a year. >> cody is doing well in school. how do you like school? >> i'm really good at school, actually. i used to do really bad at
9:42 am
school. now i'm pretty good at it. >> honor roll the last couple semesters. he started school last week. he's looking forward to another successful year. >> what got you motivated to do well in school? >> i just got my act together. i wanted to do good. >> have you had to move very often? tell me what that's like. >> i don't want to keep moving. when i was little i always had to keep moving. >> cody is trying hard to do well in everything these days. he hopes an adoptive family will be proud of him some day. cody got some goodies to take home to remember his stay at the ritz-carlt ritz-carlton. he hopes this will lead to him finding a family to love him. >> hey, if you have room in your home or heart for cody or any of
9:43 am
our wednesday's children, please call our special adoption hotline at 1-888-2-mooptme. cody is making us hungry. he wears that chef's cap pretty well, i would say. >> he does. what a great story. always heart warming. i'm going to bring you the weather forecast. it seems a little sad at the moment. it's 9:43 and 64. see what's in store coming up. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
9:44 am
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we can play baseball in mist and rain. football, anything. redskins are good. >> in fact, confession, i love a football game in the crazy snowstorms and everybody is forced to deal with the weather. >> that's what makes it fun. >> levels it out. hey, good morning, everybody. great to see you. we have had rain this morning. now it's tapered to some mist. let's take a look around outside our live window and show you what's going on over the district. a thick cloud deck. it's not a steady rain. humidity is high at 94%. and our number is 64 degrees. here it is on digital doppler. a couple showers. very light. up towards 70. the bulk of the rain has definitely moved off tffo ffthe east. behind it, winchester rebounded a little. 65.
9:47 am
62 martinsburg to hagerstown. culpepp culpepper, 68. 64 at annapolis. today lower to middle 70s under a cloud deck that lingers with us into the afternoon and evening this evening. redskins right here on nbc 4, coverage starts at 8:15. skies will be cloudy. during the tailgating hours from noon until 8:00, if we see a shower it will be isolated. by and large we'll have a decent tailgating afternoon. even for the nationals, cloudy weather forecast. a passing misty shower but nothing more than that. the rain is along the ghost now. we still in my opinion have beach weather to talk about, right? just because labor day came and went doesn't mean we have to stop going there. 72. uv index is low at 2. down towards ocean city, the water temperature, 73. and that should be the high
9:48 am
today with a good bet for scattered showers. bethany beach as well. your high temperature, 72 degrees. right here we'll keep it easy to remember. cloudy. kind of like it is now. not as damp. we'll dry it up into the afternoon. temperatures cool for this time of year. 71 to 76 degrees. now this evening during the game we'll probably start off near 70, easing back into the 60s by 11:00. suns sunset, by the way, probably not going to notice it. it's 7:21. should be comfortable with a slow clearing that takes us through the overnight. now, tomorrow morning, we have clear skies. we're cool to the dewpoint which is going to be a little damp because of the rain. we will get patchy fog in the morning. might be a little bit of a problem especially in the low-lying areas. when you get up, sunrise, 6:48. i think it's a keeper. you're going to like it. 83 tomorrow. mostly sunny. 80s on tuesday as well.
9:49 am
wednesday, a cooler air mass come in. but that means only 76. not bad. by friday and whatnot heading into the weekend, that will be our next chance for a couple showers friday afternoon. other than that, a decent weekend coming our way again at least on saturday. temps in the 70s. so not bad. we are ready for the game. we're ready for dallas. and i think mcnabb is ready, too. >> oh, he's ready. we're ready to see him back in there. he's bringing it. thanks, kim. still to come, their first game was a nail biter. terps had a time against morgan state. hi
9:50 am
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9:53 am
well, football may dominate sunday night tv but politics is the big topic on sunday mornings. here's chris matthews. chris? >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, the president tried to steer his message of economic recovery and events got in the way. did he play it right about the pastor in florida? and his economic argument this week would help democrats to hold the congress would be the first president, him the first president to win by promising to raise taxes even though just on the rich? join me and dan rather for a great roundtable. >> good morning, jim. coming up, have americans lost faith in president obama and his party to dig the country out of recession? is there anything democrats can do to get americans back to work
9:54 am
before they go to the polls this november? joining me is david axelrod. and controversy sparked a new way of anti-muslim sentiment in america. the man who led new york city through the 2001 attacks. the economy and the outlook for the midterm race. just 51 days to go. it's all this morning on meet the press. most teams open their seasons today, but it was college football in the spotlight yesterday. and one game featured an upset no one saw coming. hakim dermish has this morning's highlights in sports in a minute. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. your sports minute begins with an upset in college football. james madison on the road against 13th-ranked virginia tech. turns in the play of the game, scoring a 77 yard touchdown. dukes shocked the hokies, 21-16.
9:55 am
virginia tech falls to 0-2. jmu improves to 2-0. college park, maryland, freshman danny o'brien threw three touchdowns in the first half. maryland put up 370 yards of offense, crushing oregon state, crushing morgan state, 62-3. its highest scoring performance in 35 years. in app annapolis, navy against georgia southern. dobbs's one yard touchdown proved to be the difference. 13-7. and in baseball nationals/marlins. espinoza made a diving catch. gets the runner at first. however, the nats's bats never got going. marlins beat the nationals, 4-1. coming up later today here on nbc 4, check out our countdown to kickoff special at noon previewing the big redskins/cowboys game. that's your sports minute. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. >> and kim is here with your sports forecast a kickoff with a
9:56 am
triathlon. >> runners, swimmers and they also bike, right? yeah. a little damp this morning. here's a check of digital doppler. showers are few and far between. it's over by ocean city, by the way. they had some rain around. other than that, we have middle 60s. we're climbing to 70. that's where culpepper is right now. we will be around 73 with clouds by 3:00. as for the skins this evening, 69 at 8:15. cloudy skies. not looking at any rain. it should be a great game for football. and a big win which we want. go redskins. >> i'm going to go home and be a couch potato. there's so much to watch. we thank you for watching us on news 4 today. tomorrow we begin at 4:30 on the a.m. side. wake up with us then. until then, have a great day, everybody, and we'll see you
9:57 am
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